We stock and sell a wide range of Ancillary products to support our core product ranges.

In each of our depots we're always fully stocked up on products such as Sealants & Fixings, Screws, Fixing pins, Fixing nails, Adhesives, Super Glues and activators, Grab adhesives, Gap fillers, Tapes, PU Foam and much more.

Whether you're fitting fascias, soffits, guttering or other UPVC products such as internal cladding, we'll supply you whenever you drop in for a collection or require delivery. We provide everything you'll ever need to get the job done!


Below is just a small sample of our popular selling Ancillary products:

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Many of these staple Ancillery products are supplied us by Bright Nails; a trusted supplier for decades in the Build Trade Industry.

Fascia Top Pins

Fascia Top Pins

Our Fascia Top Pins provided by Bright Nails are perfect for securing fascia, soffit or capping boards. These are available in a variety of colours to blend in with our fascia and soffit board.

You can choose from Black, White, Brown, various shades of Grey and Caramal (ideal for Golden Oak or light Oak).

Our Fixings are made of stainless steel and are compliant to ISO-9227 / ASTM B-117 / BS EN6068-2-11. This means they are anti-rust, anti corrode to allow the product to support the guarantee duration of the PVC Fascia, Soffit and Cladding products.

Concrete Screws

Concrete Screws

We've got all the screws you'll ever need, but you'll never find a screw loose in our depots!

Screws are an everyday essential product which bring all of your handy work together, which is why we go to great lengths to make sure we're fully stocked with a wide variety of shapes, sizes and finishes.

Here's just some screw types to get your head around most of which are provided by our specialist supplier, Bright Nails:

Concrete screws, Baypole/self tapping screws, multi-use and wood screws which are commonly used to fix fascia brackets in place, along with many other applications.


Soudal Products

Soudal Products

The adhesives and activators we stock are specifically developed for use with UPVC products, as well as being specially formulated to provide exceptional performance at unbeatable prices!

We offer a full range of adhesives used for the bonding of different materials. Once applied, it will bind two separate elements and form a strong bond resistant to separation. These adhesives are usually made up of substances such as resin, epoxy, gelatin, polyethylene and MS Polymer. We supply multi-purpose adheseives such as glass or waterproof adhesive, it's vital to use the right one for the job.

This will depend on the surface on which it is applied and the strength required to keep it together. Some are used specifically for windows doors, internal bathroom paneling, bonding wood and metal, carpets, wallpaper or fixing tiles. Choose from our range of different colours and sizes to meet your work needs.


Special Notice: We also offer a full take off service.

Provide use with your architect's drawings and we will estimate your requirements for your fascia, soffit, guttering, windows, doors, roofing and work out exactly what you need which saves you valueable time. 

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