Flat Roofing Products & Materials

A flat roof can often proove more durable with higher performance than a sloped roof.

Rubber roofs and Fibre glass roofs are a much more cost effective way to secure the roof of your home, especially if you're working with smaller budget. Rubber or Fibreglass roofs are easy and quick to install and have an extensive lifespan without measurable deterioration.


Breathable Felt & Battons

Lathes & Battons

Laths & Battons

Roofing battens and roof timber act as a fixing point for tiles on a pitched roof. They're pressure treated to protect against fungal and rot setting in and are widely used in domestic, commercial, residential and industrial projects across the UK.

Breathable & Non-Breathable Felt

We offer Breathable membrane which is low resistance and non-breathable membrane which is high resistance to weather conditions. ALl of our felt are modern, lightweight underlay solutions for sealing roof and wall structures, particularly when the external roof or wall materials are not completely watertight.


Rubber Roofing & GRP Fibre Glass

Rubber Roofing

Rubber Roofing

We source the best rubber roofing products to ensure our clients take full advantages of the qualities that this product brings.

Our rubber roofing is a less expensive alternative when it comes to sealing off roofs on your home. It's quick and easy to fit this lightweight product which also reduces installation and labor costs, so you rest assure that sealing your roofs with rubber will ensure that they never leak. They're are also easy to repair if ever damaged!
Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)

Perhaps the most popular flat roofing options in the UK is a GRP flat roof solution, it stands for Glass Reinforced Polyester.

We stock only the best tried and tested GRP roof products to ensure that your roof has an excellence finish that can last up to 20 years! It's a little more expensive than rubber but offers a more shiny up market finish and will never rust or corrode. Due to the nature of the properties in the mix it's highly durable and extrememely easy to clean which makes it cost-effective.

Special Notice: We also offer a full take off service.

Provide use with your architect's drawings and we will estimate your requirements for your fascia, soffit, guttering, windows, doors, roofing and work out exactly what you need which saves you valueable time. 

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