Freefoam GeoPanel

Internal Cladding is a range of multi-use PVC wall and ceiling panelling which offers a maintenance free, quick to install quality finish.

Our GeoPanel® provides a 100% waterproof stylish, modern and convenient panelling system for bathrooms and kitchens.

These provide a cost-effective and practical alternative to tiling. Wall panels available in three different widths – 250mm, 600mm and 1m. Ceiling panels are available in 200mm.

Grey Concrete

Grey Concrete

Our Concrete Grey GeoPanel blends natural outdoors with inside interiors.
White Ceiling Panels

White Ceiling Panels

Our White & Silver trim ceiling panels provide a great luxury finish to any bathroom, in this case; our Beige Concrete wall panels.
Light Grey Slate

Light Grey Slate

Indulge in a little luxury and enjoy our Light Grey bathroom finish.
Black Marble

Black Marble

Our Black Marble will make a powerful and bold statement in your bathroom.
Traventine Marble

Traventine Marble

Another pastel product finish to give your bathroom the light and airy feel to help you relax and wind down.
Mix & Match

Mix & Match

An example of when our GeoPanel products are carefully selected to work well together.

Preview our GeoPanels by filtering the samples below.

There's an extensive range of colours to choose from.

  • White / Silver Strip

    White / Silver Strip

  • White / Silver Edge

    White / Silver Edge

  • White Gloss

    White Gloss

  • Black Marble

    Black Marble

  • Pergamon Marble

    Pergamon Marble

  • Light Grey Marble

    Light Grey Marble

  • Travertine Marble

    Travertine Marble

  • White Marble

    White Marble

  • Beige Marble

    Beige Marble

  • White Diamond Stone

    White Diamond Stone

  • Black Diamond Stone

    Black Diamond Stone

  • Storm Grey Diamond

    Storm Grey Diamond

  • Arctic Sparkle

    Arctic Sparkle

  • White Wood Gloss

    White Wood Gloss

  • Beige Small Tile

    Beige Small Tile

  • Light Grey Small Tile

    Light Grey Small Tile

  • Light Grey Large Tile

    Light Grey Large Tile

  • Light Grey Slate

    Light Grey Slate

  • Silver Retro/Metallic

    Silver Retro/Metallic

  • White Ripple

    White Ripple

  • Grey Concrete

    Grey Concrete

  • Beige Concrete

    Beige Concrete

  • Mocha Onyx

    Mocha Onyx

  • Grey Onyx

    Grey Onyx


    Some key points to note about our stylish GeoPanel:

    Easy to Fit

    Easy to Fit

    Not quite a pro? Don't worry. Installation is so simple that there's NO specialist training required!
    Quick Drying

    Quick Drying

    You can work extra quick with our GeoPanel as there's no drying time and grouting required.
    Water Proof

    Water Proof

    These luxury internal cladding panels fit together with a waterproof tongue-and-groove joint seal.
    Range of Styles

    Range of Styles

    Geopanel® come in a broad range of Aluminium trims that can be fixed over existing surfaces.

    GeoPanel Wall & Ceiling

    A wide range of thermoplastic and GRP composite doors compliant with the latest building regulations and quality standards.

    • Standard Range Ceiling & Wall Panels

      Standard Range Ceiling & Wall Panels
    • Mid-Range Wall Panels

      Mid Range Wall Panels
    • Some colours are subject to lead times

      Wide Range Wall Panels
    • Colours are subject to lead time...

      Mid-Range Wall Panels

    GeoPanel Trims

    • Geopanel Accessories (suitable for all ranges)

      Wide Panel Trims
    • Standard PVC Ceiling & Wall Trims - 5mm/6mm

      Standard Wall Trims
    • Mid Range - Aluminium Mid Panel Trims - 7mm

      Mid Range Wall Trims
    • Wide Panel Trims - 10mm

      Wide Panel Trims

    Special Notice: We also offer a full take off service.

    Provide use with your architect's drawings and we will estimate your requirements for your fascia, soffit, guttering, windows, doors, roofing and work out exactly what you need which saves you valueable time. 

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